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Electric Transportation Is Here Now! 

Come back often, we update this page with changes and news. Electric  Built, Inc. is a stand-alone project from our CEO Remo Weber, it's not an active company (yet) but with the proper partners and funding, it just may be soon.




Follow the links below to get info from EV companies that our customers or we do business with.








We have experience in many EV application and we are early adopters of EV products. Our shop cars at LAX are EV Fiat 500e (8) since 2013, also since 2013 we use a Tesla Model S around the business (advertising, read side service call’s and as rental) Since December 2017 we also have the Tesla Model 3 in our fleet and have it available for test drives and rental.


We repair and rebuild Hybrid and EV battery packs.

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